• Morro Bay State Park

    Morro Bay

    Find family fun at the Museum, campgrounds, beaches and trails. In Morro Bay you'll find calm waters for paddleboarding, kayaking and bird watching, protected areas for viewing wildlife, trails to explore with the kids or to take a long hike. Explore the Museum of Natural History and the nearby Heron Rookery overlooking the State and National Estuary. Read more
  • Montana de Oro State Park

    Montaña de Oro

    This wilderness near town offers tidepoling, camping, surfing, horseback riding, mountain biking, and much more... Montaña de Oro has it all, and just a few minutes away from the town of Los Osos. Read more
  • Monarch Grove at Pismo State Beach

    Monarch Grove, Pismo State Beach

    Tens of thousands of Monarch Butterflies stop by Monarch Grove every year. Visit this amazing place, or wander the nearby lagoon and camp at the Pacific. Read more
  • Estero Bluffs

    Estero Bluffs

    Estero Bluffs State Park preserves and protects a rich, diverse and scenic area of the Pacific Ocean coast where you can watch a world of wildlife. With inter-tidal areas, wetlands, low bluffs and coastal terraces it's a great place to explore. This area provides a natural habitat for a number of endangered species including the snowy plover. Read more
  • Harmony Headkabds

    Harmony Headlands

    Coastal hiking along the two-mile trail to the ocean provides breathtaking views. The area supports rare, endangered and sensitive species of all kinds making it a great site for wildlife watching. Read more

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