Phd thesis and delay and control

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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Abstract: Design of the electronic power and control system. These contributions are mainly focused on the way that the unified power-flow problem is implemented. The authors propose a new technique based on graph theory to model the motion of the trains without varying the system topology and dimensions, as well as the solution vector. Furthermore, a new matrix formulation is developed to provide an easy way of setting out the problem. Finally, as a minor contribution, a new technique based on previous matrix formulation is developed to easily obtain all active and reactive power magnitudes in compact form.

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For all the efforts in recent years to improve the doctoral experience for students, Times Higher Education still receives a steady supply of horror stories from PhD candidates. To the authors of such submissions, the system appears, at best, indifferent to them and, at worst, outright exploitative. Here, we present three such examples — all of whose writers, tellingly, feel the need to remain anonymous, given the power dynamics involved. Perhaps such tales are inevitable. In that spirit, two academics with strong views on the matter — one from science and one from the humanities — set out how they think the supervisory task should best be approached. Their guidance may not amount to a stake through the heart of the PhD horror franchise: as B-movie history amply demonstrates, good advice is not always heeded. But the exposure of the problems to further sunlight may at least slow the drip-drip of blood on to the doctoral carpet.

PhD Thesis: Geometry and Uncertainty in Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Adaptive and optimal control of time-delay systems. Bernard Garland. Department of Mathematical Sciences. Abstract Sensitivity Analysis for a time-delay system is extended to Adaptive Control of systems with parametric and temporal mismatch. An adaptive control system based on the Smith predictor is investigated analytically and by hybrid and digital simulation.
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